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Fired Up
With 40 Soltron 140-watt high-tech lamps, 3 facial tanners at 400 watts, plus the special Soltron 2 PSR and filter technology, the Hot Pepper offers everything that sets the S Series apart.

A reflex neck tanner and the pleasantly refreshing Soltron fan are included with this model. This outfit is sharp and spicy: the Hot Pepper sports a sizzling high-gloss finish with zesty, extra-hot interior lighting. Spice up your life!

The perfect tanning bed choice for leading edge tanning salons and beauty salons, health clubs and day spas. The S-45 Hot Pepper will fire up your customers.

  • Headphone socket

  • Volume control

  • Stereo speakers
  • Base acrylic in inches (length x width) 80 x 30

  • Weight in lbs: 860

  • Electrical requirements: 230V 3Ø or 230V 1Ø

  • Total power consumption in watts: 10,800

  • Circuit breaker recommended: 40A/3-pole or 70A/2-pole

  • Number of wires: 4 3Ø or 3 1Ø

  • Dimensions closed in inches (L X W X H): 87 x 44 x 48

  • Dimensions open in inches L X W X H): 87 x 44 x 56

  • Recommended room size: 9 x 7
  • High Gloss finish

  • illuminated Design elements

  • Interior lighting
  • Single cooling system for body and face

  • 9 fan and ventilation power settings for body and face cooling
The Peach Party gives you all the party power you need with three 400W facial tanners and 38 high-tech lamps - 22 lamps with up to 160W in the canopy and 16 two-metre lamps at up to 180W in the base.

  • Max exposure schedule: 15 minutes

  • Number and wattage of UV lamps: 40 x 140W

  • Lamp length: 71 inches

  • Number and wattage of Facial Tanners: 3 x 400W

  • Facial tanner output settings (including off): 3

  • Filter Technology: Soltron

  • Reflector Technology: Alu/PSR
On-Off. Off-On.

  • Quick-Info: New function panel with easy-to-understand icons

  • Full version with 11 function parameters

  • Headphone connection

  • LED-time display

That's all you need to know to operate a Soltron tanner optimally. Why? That's easy: The new Soltron operating panel explains itself! It's small, round and functional, with easy-to-understand icons, clearly arranged and ergonomically perfected. Just select a function, set the desired performance level with Plus or Minus - and done! Things don't have to be complicated, right?

For detailed installation information, contact: 800-447-0040.

See detailed Soltron S-45 Hot Pepper Contractors Guide  |  > Download pdf