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Enormous Power
The XXL series gives you extreme power output in the form of state-of-the-art high-pressure technology for face and body – combined with a plethora of design and comfort features. Perfect for regular customers as well as anyone desiring an especially fast and intense tan – with no compromises!


Ultra Performance Technology ensures that your customers are tanned with the optimum ratio of UV-A and UV-B rays. The Chili Power is equipped with 20, 520-watt high-pressure units in the canopy combined with 19, 160-watt UV lamps in the base – and all that in one sunbed!


With its peak performance and striking design, the Chili Power is the ideal tanning unit for distinguishing you from your competitors. Full air conditioning is standard to keep things cool. A vertical shoulder tanner and stereo sound system are available.

Soltron XXL -95 Chili Power offers extreme power output in and state-of-the art high-pressure technology for face and body tanning combined with many design and comfort features.

With its freshly redesigned high-pressure technology for the face (Ultra Performance Technology), Chili Power is an impressive demonstration how a little can go a long, long way - the four facial tanners have undergone significant improvement in tanning performance at reduced energy input.

The Optional Aroma Vitalizer System will soften the hearts of your hardest salon customers, while giving them a steamy sound experience with the optional SOLTRON Power Sound System - also available integrated onto the vertical shoulder tanners. Hot... Hotter... Chili Power.
  • Base acrylic in inches (length x width) 79 x 35

  • Weight in lbs: 1650

  • Electrical requirements: 230V 3Ø n/a 1Ø

  • Total power consumption in watts: 21,000

  • Circuit breaker recommended: 80A/3-pole, n/a 2-pole

  • Number of wires: 4

  • Dimensions closed in inches (L X W X H): 93 x 54 x 60

  • Dimensions open in inches L X W X H): 93 x 54 x 71

  • Recommended room size: 10 x 9
The two hot light elements and discrete interior lighting set the scenes for Chilli Power in its hot, classy combination of high-gloss and matt finish.
You will hardly find a more comfortable base acrylic than the new SOLTRON Body Comfort. Add to that the top refreshing experience from Full Air Condition and pleasantly simple operation, and you have everything that it takes for XXL comfort.

  • Dual cooling fans for body and face

  • Full air conditioning

  • Foot Fan Adjustable with 9 settings

  • Face Fan Adjustable with 9 settings
You save, while your customers enjoy a deep tanning session. Chilli Power makes no compromises on the body tanning, either - with sixteen Ultra Power High-pressure units in the canopy and twenty high-tech tubes in the base.

  • Max exposure schedule: 12 minutes

  • Number and wattage of UV lamps: 19 x 160W

  • Lamp length: 71 inches

  • Number and wattage of Facial Tanners: 20 x 520W

  • Facial Tanner output settings (including off): 5

  • Body Tanner output settings: 3

  • Filter Technology: Ultra Performance

  • Reflector technology: glass, coated
On-Off. Off-On.

  • Quick-Info: New function panel with easy-to-understand icons

  • Full version with 11 function parameters

  • Headphone connection

  • LED-time display

That's all you need to know to operate a Soltron tanner optimally. Why? That's easy: The new Soltron operating panel explains itself! It's small, round and functional, with easy-to-understand icons, clearly arranged and ergonomically perfected. Just select a function, set the desired performance level with Plus or Minus - and done! Things don't have to be complicated, right?

For detailed installation information, contact: 800-447-0040.

See detailed Soltron XXL-95 Chili Power Contractors Guide  |  > Download pdf