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Bring The Beach Into Your Salon
Extremely effective and totally trendy, the SOLTRON M-60 encompasses concentrated tanning power in a completely unique design with striking lighting elements. It’s a complete success from top to bottom.
Soltron M-60 Banana Beach Tanning Beds offers concentrated tanning power and a unique design that features striking lighting elements.

How about the sounds you heard from your last summer holiday? No problem at all - all of the M series models are optionally available with the new Power Sound system. Just like the vertical shoulder tanner. Anything is possible on Banana Beach!
  • Base acrylic in inches (length x width) 79 x 32

  • Weight in lbs: 1,280

  • Electrical requirements: 230V 3Ø or 230V 1Ø

  • Total power consumption in watts: 12,100

  • Circuit breaker recommended: 40A/3-pole or 70A/2-pole

  • Number of wires: 4 3Ø or 3 1Ø

  • Dimensions closed in inches (L X W X H): 93 x 53 x 56

  • Dimensions open in inches L X W X H): 93 x 54 x 69

  • Recommended room size: 10 x 9
Banana Beach's bold, fruity look will spread a summer feeling in the depths of winter. An eye-catching surface finish in a quality combination of high-gloss and matt, two lighting elements in hot Banana Beach design and inviting interior lighting - who wouldn't want a spell in the sun?

  • High gloss/matt surface finish

  • lluminated design elements

  • Interior lighting
Banana Beach has everything that goes into a stress-free tanning session - a simple and intuitive control unit and a pleasantly wide base acrylic. This only leaves the refreshing summer breeze from the Soltron ventilators and the separate facial ventilation system, which you will naturally find on every model!

  • Dual cooling fans for body and face

  • Foot Fan Adjustable with 9 settings

  • Face Fan Adjustable with 9 settings
Tanning can be such fun - three highly efficient facial tanners in our new Ultra Performance Technology, a modern Reflex neck tanner and excellent tanning results on the body, which you can set yourself. Banana Beach is available in the smart Twin Power tube combination, or use the same tube configuration for both canopy and base with forty-three SOLTRON Super Power 100W UV lamps. Whichever way you want it!

  • Max exposure schedule: 12 minutes

  • Number and wattage of UV lamps: 43 x 160W

  • Lamp length: 71 inches

  • Number and wattage of Facial Tanners: 3 x 500W

  • Facial tanner output settings (including off): 5

  • Filter Technology: Ultra Performance

  • Reflector technology: glass, coated
On-Off. Off-On.

  • Quick-Info: New function panel with easy-to-understand icons

  • Full version with 11 function parameters

  • Headphone connection

  • LED-time display

That's all you need to know to operate a Soltron tanner optimally. Why? That's easy: The new Soltron operating panel explains itself! It's small, round and functional, with easy-to-understand icons, clearly arranged and ergonomically perfected. Just select a function, set the desired performance level with Plus or Minus - and done! Things don't have to be complicated, right?

For detailed installation information, contact: 800-447-0040.

See detailed Soltron M-60 Banana Beach Contractors Guide  |  > Download pdf