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Power En Vogue
With 51 Turbo Power 160-watt UV lamps, 4 Ultra Performance 520-watt facial tanners, a reflector neck tanner and optionally available shoulder tanner, the Affinity 800 offers the most powerful tanning performance of the series. Along with power, this top model is also setting the standard in terms of comfort.

The wide new Body Shape acrylic provides a relaxing tanning position while the clear layout of the control panel ensures the simplest operation. The Temptronic function keeps the client’s desired temperature constant throughout the entire tanning session. With just the simple press of a button, the Aqua Mist/Aroma functions dispense a refreshing spray over the face and body and also work in harmony to neutralize the typical UV fragrance. An optionally available new sound system (including the Voice Guide function) promises first-class audio quality. The Affinity 800 is available with mood and ambient lighting in blue, magenta, yellow or red.

Affinity 800 tanning beds use Ergoline's Ultra Performance high-pressure facial technology that use less energy but produce spectacular tanning results.

  • Higher output Ultra Performance facial tanners

  • Temptronic Climate Control system

  • Aqua Mist/Aroma luxury functions

  • Optional: New sound system for precise stereo sound
Air Delivery & Technical Specifications

  • Optional exhaust plenum

  • Total power consumption (in watts): 17,000

  • Electrical requirements: 230V 3Ø or 230V 1Ø

  • Circuit breaker recommended: 60A / 3-pole 3Ø or 100A / 2-pole 1Ø

  • Number of wires required: 4 3Ø or 3 1Ø

  • Weight (in lbs.): 1,670

  • Dimensions closed (L x W x H in inches): 93 x 60 x 54

  • Dimensions open (H in inches): 71

  • Recommended room size (in feet): 10 x 9
  • Décor color: brilliant silver

  • Chassis color: brilliant silver

  • Shell color: titanium

  • Mood lighting and color-matched ambient lighting in Magenta, Yellow, Blue or Red

  • Tanning tunnel lighting

  • Base panel lighting
  • Separate air-conditioned base acrylic cooling

  • 2-system body ventilation, separately adjustable and additional face ventilation with temperature controlled by Temptronic

  • Aqua Mist/Aroma system

  • Body Shape acrylic
    • 12-Minute maximum exposure schedule

    • Total UV Output in kj/min: 107.5

    • 4 Ultra Performance 520-watt High-pressure facial tanners

    • Ultra Performance glass reflector system

    • Power output switch for facial zone (including OFF): 5 settings

    • 51 Ergoline VHP Turbo Power 160-watt UV Lamps

    • Lamp length: 71 inches

    • Reflector neck tanner

    • Optional: 7 spaghetti lamp 25-watt shoulder tanners
    • Infrared (IR) function

    • Control panel with 4-Field LED display

    • Check control For diagnosing main alert messages

    • Automatic reset function after tanning session

    • Optional: Information button providing information on tanning and voice-assisted service and diagnostic support
    For detailed installation information, contact: 800-447-0040.

    See detailed Ergoline Affinity 800 Contractors Guide  |  > Download pdf