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Powerful Premier
The Open Sun 1050 makes a statement with 30 high-pressure units perfectly aligned along the canopy and base. With its superior glass reflector technology and filter glass expertise, this Ergoline flagship demonstrates to the most discerning tanners how powerful, yet at the same time cool and airy, high-pressure tanning can be. Comfort features like the Multi Relax acrylic, a new Stereo Sound package with external MP3 player connection and powerful Fan Cooling Plus make the tanning session fly by. The Open Sun 1050’s massive power and features are controlled by a new panel with 32-field LED display. All operating controls are within easy reach of the tanning client and are marked with simple picture icons.

Underlining its power, the Open Sun 1050 is designed with strong lines, gorgeous ambient lighting, logo illumination, modern high-end colors and Radiant Sterling Blue paint finish. This unit will draw customers from near and far and will be a true masterpiece for any salon.

The Ergoline Open Sun 1050 eliminates the usual “closed-in” feeling and allow clients to tan as if they were under an open sky.
  • 360-degree high-pressure units

  • Pure open air tanning comfort

  • bold design with modern shapes and colors

  • Headphone connection socket

  • Channel selector

  • Volume control

  • Optional: Stereo Sound with MP3 player connection
Air Delivery & Technical Specifications
  • Optional exhaust plenum

  • Total power consumption (in watts): 21,500

  • Electrical requirements: 230V 3Ø or 230V 1Ø

  • Circuit breaker recommended: 70A / 3-pole 3Ø or 100A / 2-pole 1Ø

  • Number of wires required: 4 3Ø

  • Weight (in lbs.): 2,095

  • Dimensions closed (L xWxH in inches): 98 x 76 x 65

  • Dimensions open (H in inches): 79

  • Recommended room size (in feet): 10 x 10
  • Open design

  • Décor color: sterling blue

  • Chassis color: radiant silver

  • Logo illumination

  • Tanning tunnel lighting

  • Ambient lighting
  • Multi Relax acrylic

  • New Fan Cooling Plus 2-system body ventilation and additional face ventilation separately adjustable in 9 steps
  • 12-Minute maximum exposure schedule

  • Total UV output In Kj/Min: 142.5

  • 3 Ultra Performance 640-Watt high-pressure facial tanners

  • 27 Vit Max 580-Watt high-pressure body units

  • Ultra Performance glass reflector system

  • 30 high-pressure units, face separately adjustable: 2 settings
  • Infrared (IR) function

  • Control panel with 32-Field led display

  • Interface for service

  • Check control For diagnosing main alert messages

  • Automatic reset function after tanning session
For detailed installation information, contact: 800-447-0040.

See detailed Ergoline Open Sun 1050 Contractors Guide  |  > Download pdf