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If you have a location that already attracts customers, you have a ready-made opportunity to take advantage of the tanning trend. 

Many Health Clubs and Gyms, for example, are adding tanning beds to increase revenues and member satisfaction. "Studies indicate that people want their amenities and luxuries within a five-mile radius of where they live or work," said Rich Minzer, former assistant director of licensing for Gold's Gyms. "In other words, people want a one-stop shop for their needs. A gym that offers tanning, skincare and other amenities most likely will keep their customers much longer than those that offer just fitness."

Many hair salons, nail salons, day spas, hotels, resorts, apartments and retailers have also added tanning beds to enhance revenue and customer satisfaction. 

Consider the following:
  • Industry analysis indicates that as many as 60% of tanning beds and booths are in businesses whose main source of revenue is NOT tanning.
  • In 2007, indoor tanning generated $5 billion dollars.
  • The recent introduction of patented technologies are paving the way for wider application of UV-light based products to capture vast new market segments, such as the baby boomers.
  • One tanning bed or booth takes about 100 square feet, which can quickly produce the highest profit per square foot in all of your operations.
  • The tanning business is seasonal (winter, spring and early summer) and tanning user traffic heaviest Monday-Thursday. Some businesses find this perfectly complementary to their existing operations, enabling them to maintain a constant flow of traffic.

Forever Tan can help you seize this business opportunity through expert, free business consulting that includes these services:

  • Return On Investment (ROI) Analysis. Financial experts will provide the analysis necessary for any financing you may choose to obtain, and also to help you fully understand your opportunity.
  • Break-Even Analysis. Ergoline helps you set appropriate and measurable revenue targets, making revenue goal attainment more likely.
  • Tanning Bed/Booth Placement. Physical space and layout experts will quickly help you determine where and how to add tanning equipment for maximum value.
  • Equipment Mix Selection. Ergoline helps you analyze your demographics and identify the correct equipment for your existing customer base, eliminating spending on unnecessary or inappropriate equipment.
  • Product Mix and Pricing Strategy. Learn best practice from Forever Tan’s industry knowledge of salons that significantly out-earn the average.
  • Marketing Support. For both your launch and your ongoing operations, our partners offer unparalleled materials and processes necessary for additional customer acquisition, maximum per-customer sales and high retention.
  • Post-Launch Support. Forever Tan offers unmatched technical service, parts and lamps, as well as training and an internet-based knowledgebase.
  • Financing. Through Ergoline’s in-house financial assistance and leasing programs, Forever Tan helps many business owners install equipment that will yield the highest payoff, which paves the way for maximum return on your investment.

Learn How Forever Tan Can Help You Make The Most of Your Business Opportunity.
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